the good the bad and the ugly

my life book 2013 bonus lesson


a mini class

 below is just a still of the video! :)

come and discover your not so perfect side and learn to love yourself, we will make a 'pop up' journal page in my mixed media raw art style....loads of fun!

40min video

a step by step PDF guide

all available for you to download and keep forever.


  • This was a fabulous video and so much fun!
  • Excellent! I can't wait to embrace my bad side. THank you! Great video.
  • This is the best lesson, ever! I love your art style and can't wait to work on this. Wonderful! Thank you!
  • Mitsi,Thanks for being YOU!
  • a hilarious intro to see, Mitsi B........ love your cowboy impression lol............thank you for the fab lesson of fun and yes the world is so imperfect isn't let's be bad :)

£20 aprox $30

a self study course


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