complete beginners


This is the course for you if you are a bit nervous of starting to paint in watercolour or you have tried it without success.

this will be a five week course where i will teach you all my tips and techniques to banish all your fears you may have.

this will be a very detailed course with a ton of information provided via video and pdf's. you will be able to download everything and keep forever.

this course also works on iPad.

week 1

introduction to me/my work

  • explanation of water colour and how it works
  • supplies i use
  • how i use them
  • Paper tips

week 2

  • how to avoid mud
  • happy mistakes
  • a big splash around
  • looking at what watercolour does naturally

week 3

  • looking at value and tone
  • an exercise in tone
  • a riot of colour
  • textures
  • an exercise in colour and texture

week 4

  • how to use techniques
  • an exercise in using them
  • finding a subject to paint
  • where to begin
  • thinking about composition

week 5

  • round up of everything we have done
  • a final painting
  • how to know when to stop!
  • moving on

each week will consist of videos and pdf's to help you along your way

there will be a Facebook group for support and fun

so come and be brave and conquer your fears.

now a self study course

£50 approx $75

pay here


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