a fitting challenge for november is poppies!


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What kind of paper did you use? Hot press or cold?? or Yupo?? 

In both videos I used 140lb cold pressed paper :)

These are a couple of new poppy paintings I did on hot pressed paper.. They were really fun!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


they are lovely...bright and fresh...i must get some hp paper, i haven't had a play on it for a while :)

Thank you! the paint seems to sit ontop of the paper a little more so the colors dry a little brighter but it dries faster.. Less control if using lots of water.. kinda in between yupo and cold pressed.. I used a block though as i think it would have to be taped down as a single sheet.. but was a fun change.. went through the block already so i have to get more.. in the mean time I'm back to cold pressed..again thank you for the inspiration!! Have you done any Barns?? I have a request from a friend to do a barn and I just am not having any luck?? It just doesnt look "settled in" if that makes sense .. the landscape will look good but the barn looks like it was cut and pasted on... any ideas??Maybe I'm just not into painting buildings...

Yes I have painted a couple of barns, I will find them and post a picture...... May unstick you?

Yay! Thank You!!

Well this is very old!

i love it! very nice thank you! Mine always seem cold and hard and outta place!!  I will work on it...I'm gonna take a few pics from the valley here in Alaska and use your softness and see if i can make them seem like they belong.. ??? wish me luck!!


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