well this challenge is a raw art challenge.....grab any supplies you have and just go for it!

password... Jan



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Amazing & Inspiring video. I so very much enjoyed it. Thank you so much Mitsi!

thank you, very glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks Mitsi! Nice challenge :) I have the exact same spray paints with the same problem!!! So annoying because I have loads of them and can't get them to work...even with new nozzles they do it!!!

And lol I did the same thing and stuck something down the top of the can and it had it all over the place!...note to self...don't hover face over while doing this. Ha!

lol...i do that all the time....still forget to move my head out the way! :)

It was so much fun watching your process in real time.

Love your art and appreciate your videos.

You are an inspiration!

Thank You!

thank you jacqueline :)

Thanks so much, Mitsi, for this challenge video.  Always fun watching you work. Such an inspiration!

glad i can be an inspiration :) thank you Dian 


    I just joined your site.


    What is the password to see the video?

    Love you work,



It's Jan
Welcome :)
It is Jan :)


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